Just like you, Daddy!

Friday, Friday; the Lord brought us another Friday.  Give thanks, plebs, give thanks.

Today, while my father-in-law and I were sitting around the house playing with Keaton, she retreated back into the hallway and, this time, didn’t come back right away like she normally does.  Usually, she’ll go back there into her bedroom or our bedroom and get some toy or doll or something before she comes right back out to the area where everyone’s hanging out.  This time, I noticed she’d been gone for a while and got up to go look after her.

When I found her, she had her shorts and underwear around her ankles and was sitting on her little potty (which we’ve moved into the tiny toilet-area in our master bathroom while we have guests) reading one of my bathroom Newsweeks.  I asked her what she was doing, and she matter-of-factly told me: “I’m making a poo-poo and a pee-pee and reading a magazine; just like you, Daddy!”

Awww… she even apes my bowel movements y’all… that’s love.

Goodnight.  Goodweekend.

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