all talk, no action

Yahtzee, 10pm and the fleshy part of my forearms is sticking to the table in the humidity.

Yeah, we’re in Florida.  You’ll have to excuse the break from daily (or somewhat-daily) writing.  It’s a short vacation, but so far it’s been a good vacation.  Chiefly comprised thus far of the pool, the beach, and some evening drinks outside by the ocean.  Like we always are, we’re a bit smooshed in the time department – lots of things we want to do and people we want to see and not a lot of time to do and/or see them all.

Our flight out was eventful, with an emergency landing in Denver for a medical emergency which emerged, medically, about two rows behind us and across the aisle.  Some poor soul had a (very frightening to watch) seizure-type thing back there two rows back and across the aisle.  The crew put an open-ended request for a doctor on the PA and a man in a maroon shirt strolled back from the front, feet guided by his Oath.  In the end, the afflicted gentleman walked off the plane in Denver under his own power, and we were off and running again after a brief refueling and visit from the cleanup-crew (this was not a clean medical emergency).  And, with a sufficiently accommodating layover, we arrived in Florida later that evening spot-on time.

Tomorrow we’re off to some new waterpark, another day with sweaty skin and wrinkled fingers.  Sun and water, water and sun – and I have not practiced one single minute for the presentation I’m giving morning-Monday the day after we return.  In all honesty, I’m feeling pretty guilty about my total and complete lack of preparation.  I mean, I’ve been under-prepared before, but this time it’s aggregious: I don’t even have my material finalized yet, and I don’t know when I will… maybe not until Sunday night when we get home.  I’m doomed, I really am.  Woe; woe is me.

I won at Yahtzee, but it’s only because I add so poorly.  Goodnight.

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