getting pruny

Hi guys. Had some time. Wrote some blog.

Tomorrow we break the poolside routine and catch a shuttle bus to a local beach for a few hours. Then it’s “date night” for Sharaun and I while the friends we’re vacationing with watch the kids (was our night tonight tending to their brood). The rest of the week looks to be much like the week thus far: getting pruny in the pool or sunning alongside it. Oh, and eating and sleeping… can’t forget eating and sleeping.

Really though, most of my day is spent in the water. Keaton has a floaty thing she loves kicking around in, and I’ve been trying to invent a new game or two to play with her in it each day. So far, we have “spinning,” which is (hopefully) self explanatory; “flying,” which is when I lift her out of the water (still in her floaty), spin her over my head, and then splash her back down again. Today I invented “bouncing,” which is, again, a pretty simple bobbing up and down, and “camelballs,” which is what she calls it when I jump off the steps and splash her with a big wave (I called it “canonball,” the name-change was something she came up with). Like I said, we’ve been getting pruny.

Well, from the balcony, the last bits of sunlight from another day in Mexico are slipping into the ocean, and Keaton wanted to drop into the blog to say “Hi” before she has to go to bed for the night.

Until later. Adios amigos.

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  1. Oh man, she downed some tacos! Well, until Dad accidentally gave her a bite of his that had some crazy salsa on it. She cried “Picy, Dad! Too picy!” It was beans and cucumber from then on.

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