good to be home

A happy Friday to you, friends and enemies alike. I wrote some stuff again today, and you’re about to read it, I think. Enjoy.

My time in Chicago was short. Not that I wanted it to be at all, let along long… but I had hoped we’d have landed earlier, as we were planning on making the most of the overnight delay and taking the train downtown for some pizza or something. We got in too late, though, and ended up eating a horrible and overpriced dinner at the hotel bar. After which neither of us had the will or determination to stay up and chat, so we retired to our respective rooms (cramped little odd-shaped holes off the main floor that must be reserved for airline comps).

In the end, I made it home and am glad to be back here in the 75° Californian weather with my two favorite girls. Keaton gave me a hero’s welcome, and even colored me a picture as a homecoming gift. Sharaun appreciated the authentic South Carolina grits I brought her, and I was more than happy to change into a fresh pair of boxers. Good to be home.

Now then, let’s close the week “In Pictures” with snaps from my Thursday. You’ll have to live without Friday shots, as my night-before blogging schedule makes that impossible. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll be sure to do it again sometime sooner than four years from now. For now though, here are some highlights from today (yesterday, as you’re reading):

Well, almost time for me to sign off. I’ll take this chance to remind you that it’ll likely be a bit slow around here next week while we’re all on a family vacation in Mexico. But, however strange it may seem, I am taking the laptop with me – so I could end up posting once or twice if I feel up to it (it’s hard for me not to, being perfectly honest).

Oh, and, just quickly before I go – I wanted to note that I broke 200,000 pieces of blocked comment spam sometime in the past couple days. Incredible.


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