it’s going to be thin

It’s 11:30pm and I’m just sitting down to write. In fact, I only have about twelve more minutes to finish this thing. I’ll warn you now, it’s going to be thin.

Keaton’s third fevered day and the doc says she’s got an ear infection. She still acts like a million bucks, you’d only know she’s sick by the snots, coughs, and wheezes. Sharaun swung by the pharmacy after I got home from work to pick up her prescription, hopefully it’ll start her mending soon. I hate looking at her puffy eyes and red cheeks, it makes me sad even if it is contrasted with her spastic and joyous dancing around the room singing “Sunny day… sunny day… sunny day.” Seems that even sickness can’t suppress the Sesame Street within.

I used my 7am meeting, and my relatively light morning, as an excuse to phone it in pre-lunch. Sharaun was kind to me and tolerated no TV or music while I worked on the employee review documents I’ve been laboring over this week. And, compared to the cubicle-clustered environment at work, the sensory deprivation in the quiet of my living room allowed me to get a ton of solid work done. I still dread finalizing that annual review totem… does that mean I’m soft? I guess maybe it does, but I also think it makes me normal, and I’d rather be normal.

I’m sorry guys. This is it. I really just didn’t want to miss a day in what, is otherwise, shaping up to be a wall-to-wall month (New Year’s Day doesn’t count, by the way). Goodnight.

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