here goes two-thousand and eight

Hey readers, sounds familiar is happy to welcome you to the Year of Our Lord two-thousand and eight. Rang in the year with friends at bang-up of a New Year’s fête, where I was able to have a grand time despite being the responsible non-drinking parent. And now I’m once again dreading a return to work… It’s gonna be a short one tonight, as I don’t have much to write and don’t much feel like writing anyway.

We went to dinner at our neighbor’s tonight. Filipino, they set a table that could feed a small village. (Not that that’s somehow indicative of the culture or anything, I just wanted to state the two pieces of information in one sentence.) All the major meat groups had representation: pork, turkey, beef, chicken; the vegetables and fruits were out in force; and there were multiple sweet finishes. After dinner, the spirits were brought out and I had a nice tall glass of mixed coconut, jackfruit, apple juice, and Filipino rum. It was a great couple hours of talking, and Keaton had fun playing around with their daughter, who’s just a bit younger. We had a good time and left with full bellies. Four plus years in the house and we’re just now getting to know our neighbors; where are the Leave It To Beaver block parties of the 1950s?

Oh man, the Kill Bill duet is on right now, I’d forgotten just how amazing these movies are… I’m totally gonna go watch them instead of stupid blogging.

Oh, and before going, I know I’ve been somewhat delinquent on updating Keaton’s photos page, so I’ll try and get some of the Christmas in Florida stuff up early this week, and maybe a “catch up” gallery to cover the various things I missed near the sloppily-covered end of 2007. Stick with me, I’ll make it worth it if I can.


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