uncharacteristically vivid

It's funny because it's probably true.
Wow! I have a lot to write about from yesterday evening to now. While I was writing yesterday’s entry, Dan and Sara stopped by to give my a belated birthday present. Hopefully you can tell what it is from the picture, but if not – it’s the coolest t-shirt in the world. It’s solid black, and in medium white letters on the front it says: “I’m blogging this.” I thought it was the coolest thing ever, what an awesome gift. Here’s a picture of it, although mine doesn’t have the URL on the back. Anyway, it’s a sweet shirt.

Yesterday I watched some New Year’s Day football, and then headed over to Anthony’s place to try the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) game he got for the Xbox. If you’ve never heard of DDR before, I’ll try to break it down: it’s an interactive dancing game. There is a dancepad that registers your steps, and you try and keep up with the foot positions shown on the screen. There are varying levels of difficulty, and a bunch of different songs that suck. The first time I ever saw the game was in an arcade at a mini-golf place, and some little Asian kid was going crazy on it. I mean, he had a towel and everything. It was truly amazing to watch this kid jump and spin and shuffle around to the footsteps on the screen. Anyway, I’ve been kinda intrigued by the game ever since. I looked it up on the internet and found that they have championships and everything, but I never dared play it in an arcade.

So last night I was anxious to give it a go. Anthony assumed I’d hate it, probably due to my intense hatred of dancing, but man I loved it so hard. It was so fun. We started playing around 9:30pm and went until 1am. By the end, I had a towel on my head and was covered in a thin sheen of sweat from head to toe. That game is no joke, you get a little workout trying to hop around and keep up. At first I was terrible, but I started getting the hang of it about midway through. What a blast, I could play that game for hours? wait? I did. I am seriously considering buying it for our Xbox here so Sharaun and I can play it. She’s really good (of course), and tore us all up. Today my calves are tight from bouncing around on my toes so much, but it was totally worth it. I brought my camera and got some footage of us in action, so maybe I’ll post it later.

You would think that after a late night of DDR, the remaining hours would be pretty uneventful. Well all that aerobic exercise must have freaked my body out or something, because I had some seriously strange (and uncharacteristically vivid and rememberable for me) dreams during the night. At one point I even yelled the words “fucking idiot!” out loud, waking Sharaun. See, Sharaun, Melissa, and I were in the truck and Sharaun was driving. It was raining outside and Ben was standing on the sidewalk throwing Hershey’s Kisses through the driver-side window at Sharaun while she drove in slow circles around an intersection. He missed the car with one Kiss and it landed in the street. Wanting to get the stray chocolate, Sharaun simply opened the car door and stepped out. The car continued driving in circles, but came too close to a cement utility pole and scraped it all the way down the passenger side. It was at this point that I yelled my profanities at Sharaun, as she ran for the candy on the rainy street. What an odd dream, I bet Freud could write a thesis on the symbolism.

After that, my dream switched to me in jail. I was planning a breakout with some other guy who I knew in the dream but couldn’t name now. I recall the dream being very involved and detailed, but I can’t really remember it all now. The basics were that we busted out by digging a tunnel ala Shawshank, and headed towards some arranged spot. Once we got there we were on the riverbank, and we uncovered a camouflaged boat that was hidden and hanging on someone’s backyard fence. Another strange one for ya. I would have thought I’d have dreamed about dancing or football or something.

On a completely unrelated note, I officially closed up shop on my cd trading hobby today. I mean, I haven’t actually traded in nearly a year – but today I actually changed my cd trading pages to reflect my non-trading status. It’s kinda sad for me, but nowadays I get most of my new tunes online, and there just isn’t that much rare Beatles material coming out anymore. At least, nothing that I’m slobbering over – I’ve grown tired of the endless hours of Get Back rehearsals. So, I’m done with it for the time being. I’ll leave the webpage up, and I’m sure I may get back into it one day… but for now it’s the end of an era.

Well, I guess it’s time to go. Sharaun and I are cleaning up the house and trying to reorganize some stuff that we haven’t touched since we moved it. It’s time to clean out and throw away a bunch of stuff we’ll never use. And, we’re gonna use our steam cleaner to try and de-funk the loveseat. May the force be with us.

Dave out.

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  1. …glad you like the shirt. i didn´t even realize that you were blogging as we gave you the "i´m blogging this shirt". what great timing.

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