monday in oregon

Sunday in Oregon, and I don’t know if I’ll get past this singular sentence and be able to actually write something worth posting (I’ve tried now three times throughout the day without success, so I don’t have high hopes for inspiration). Came up Friday night to hang with my parents and brother this weekend, and do the working-stiff gig on Monday and Tuesday. As usual, I’m not at all looking forward to working tomorrow… but I do rather enjoy the public transit ride in – makes me feel “green” and “metropolitan.” Plus, I always like a chance to listen to music on the iPod and people-watch – and the train is an excellent place for both of those. Anyway, I’ll put in my two days, work as hard as travel-me does, and we’ll be off back to Northern California.

The weather here was nice yesterday, warm and mostly sunny, only clouding over at night and raining just enough to release that earthy rain-on-concrete smell before the sun went down. We took Keaton down to the little playground that’s part of my parents little neighborhood in the late afternoon. She went on the slides. Today it rained for real, so we kicked it indoors – opting to sit around and read and surf the internet and seamlessly drift from nap to waking. It was a good weekend, for sure. Then, we capped off the evening with a nice family dinner out at a local eatery… twas quite nice. Oh, I also got some time do some blog maintenance I’ve been wanting to do for a while – going back and adding titles to my ooold blogs. I’m almost done, if you care.

Ten o’clock now and I just don’t have the heart to write anymore. Goodnight.

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