i’ve had better

Last night, instead of writing, I read books with Keaton. She was sleepy, so she had her pacifier in and wasn’t speaking much. So, she instead pointed to different things on the pages that caught her eye. I would, in turn, name the thing she touched. “A moon,” I’d say in my daddy voice. “Bat! Fishies! Owl! Sun!” All the while she just sat there, a cute, warm little lump on my lap that I love as much as anything I’ve ever loved. When mom got home from her volleyball game, Keaton showed off her skills in reverse by pointing to things as I named them. Sharaun considers this a spectacular feat, I’m more of the opinion that it’s probably fairly normal. Either way, I’m in a different place when we’re doing things just her and I – it’s awesome.

Tonight, I mowed the lawn. I cursed myself the entire time. I let the grass get too long, and even though I turned off the sprinklers so it wouldn’t be wet – it was long enough to hold the dew and the day wasn’t warm enough to burn it all off. The thick, damp grass clogged up the bag chute right away, making mowing almost impossible. With every pass I had to stop and empty the bag. I did it with a grunt and a curse every time, thinking about the fact that I’d have to do this all over again after not being able to mow for a week in China. I finished tho, mowed it all up, emptied it all out, blew it all into the street. All the while the iPod served up a choice set of random tunes, including that one Spoon song that I absolutely love. You know the one, it’s this one here. Man that song gets me happy.


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