never a good idea

Sunday afternoon and I’ve eschewed a hundred things so I can sit on the couch in the sunshine. I’m not feeling quite 100%, my sinuses really acting up – so badly that I’m thinking my sinus infection of a few weeks back may not have been completely quelled by my round of antibiotics. All through my open windows I hear the sound of a neighborhood mowing, that doppler-effect sound of each pass up and down their lawns as they make something of their Sunday time and I nothing of mine.

The multiple mowers, and high-seventies temperatures, though, make it a done-deal, summertime is on its way… slowly but surely we’ll get there again. Had a good weekend though, despite the congestion. Spent all Saturday with Keaton while Sharaun went snowboarding, it was really nice. We walked down to a local park, met up with some friends, ate fried chicken, tossed the frisbee, and played around in the grass (pictures coming soon). That evening we headed out to Ben’s birthday party, where I drank some beer and smoked some Djarums. Man those Djarums are just never a good idea.

We ate dinner with friends Sunday night, one of my favorite things we do regularly. Even with Keaton, we swap dinners with friends on average three times I week, I’d guess. Most of our friends on this rotation are the kind of friends whose places I feel completely comfortable at. The kind of friends where, if I fall asleep on their sofa and snore while taking an unplanned nap, it’d be nothing out of the ordinary. We’re lucky to have friends like that, I think… We’ve been able to cultivate a nice little network of good peoples. OK, enough of the sappy shit.

The news said the temperatures this weekend reached eighty degrees. I’m not sure about that, but I am sure that we had some amazing weather. It’s the kind of weather that makes me think about camping. In fact, this weekend would have been prime for it, if the weather up in the hills was anywhere near as warm as it was here (which I’m sure it wasn’t).

Thing is, I’m looking at needing some kind of family getaway vacation thing sometime soon here… as work has really been weighing on me the past couple weeks. Problem is, I don’t think anything is going to change in the next few weeks. Not even the prospect of making my more-than-a-year since return to China and Taiwan seems like a decent break. But I need one, oh I need one.

I hesitate to publish this, but there’s nothing else and it’s words. Goodnight.

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  1. the logic of denial: dave has a respiratory ailment today. dave smoked cloves (again!) last night. dave concludes his sinus infection of weeks past must be the cause of said respiratory ailment. dave is dumb.

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