flying home today

It’s cold here and snowing, which is kind of nice, actually, being that I’m just visiting and don’t have to live here. We drove home from the bar tonight in the snow, the Kia got loose a couple times on the backend with the roads so slippery and icy. The plows were out, it was cool. We drank microbrew and ate brisket and talked skiing and international travel and nerdy engineering stuff, we all played at bigshots, pretending we had high-power information and made high-power decisions. We all knew that if the snow swallowed us up forever, though, that the machine would churn right along with nary a hiccup. It’s OK, we’re not that delusional, more like functionally-delusional. I fly home tomorrow, Valentines Day, surprisingly Sharaun didn’t bust my balls to much about that. We weren’t planning on celebrating that day anyway, we have babysitters to coordinate and whatnot, we’ve got strings now. Anyway, I’ve got a first class upgrade again, so it should be nice. Customer meetings went well too, so all-in-all it was a profitable trip.

I watched X Files until midnight last night, I wanted to go to bed but the hotel room was freezing and I wasn’t tired. I’d finished my book and called Sharaun, so I didn’t have anything to do but not-sleep. I was cold even under the covers, and the thermostat only has two settings: freezing or sauna. In the end, I opted for sauna and just tossed the covers aside. I tried to get to bed early, since I had to wake up and iron my shirt, but it didn’t work. I still like being in a hotel room though, always have. Reminds me of the freedom and fun of family vacations when I was younger, the hotel stays were always some of best times.


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