my lungs were made of glass

Tuesday and it was another 8am-5pm blitz at work, but I’m home now and four beers better and ready to write a couple stupid paragraphs.

There used to be this commercial on TV where the subject was a guy stuck in traffic, and you could hear his thoughts. He was in a shirt and tie, obviously on his way to some office job with the others of the throng. Headed in the opposite direction, he spied a car with a kayak tethered to the top, going away from the place where all the other “suits” were headed. His thoughts went something like “Wonder where he’s going? Mountains? Ocean?.” The point being that he was questioning the routine, him dressed in a monkey suit headed in to push paper for the man, this other bloke in shorts and t-shirt headed out for a day of recreation.

Today on the way home from lunch I saw a gruff looking man in one of those smallish SUVs that are popular now – his vehicle covered with that ashen stuff that shouts of time spent having fun in the snow. That sheen of snow and salt and dirt that grays up the exterior made me wish that I was headed somewhere better than home for lunch and back to work (although since I’m not a big snowports guy, I imagined a hiking or camping outing instead). And speaking of camping and hiking, I’m getting pretty geared up for our first year of “with baby” outdoors activity. I’m excited to adapt, and get Keaton outside and in tune with the Mother.

Last night I had a dream that my lungs were made of glass. Eight-sided glass “cylinders,” like 3D stop-signs. They were made of square plates of glass, and the joints were made of the thick grey solder you see holding stained glass together. Each lung was an octagonal glass cylinder like this, and inside each one there were “floors” or separate chambers. When I would breathe, I could see the air fill each chamber sequentially, like it was tinted in some way. I have no idea what this means, but I thought it was one of the coolest dreams ever – re-imagining my internal organs as some Tiffany-esque artsy glass contraptions. I woke up and immediately went to the computer to write a note about it (“8-sided glass lung/chambers”) so I could recap it for today. And then…


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