otters, herons, and fishies

Cold winds bloweth, spake the weatherman, and thus it was so.

Last night we had a fire here at casa-de-inlaw, and I even donned my longpants and Christmas-new shoes to fight back the chill. Now, I’m not talking igloos and icicles, but it’s definitely a change from the impossibly neutral warm temperatures we had for the first part of our visit. I believe that the same humidity which makes the heat so much more oppressive here also makes the cold feel a lot colder. It’s nice though, actually, as I didn’t end up packing the khakis and jeans and thin sweaters for naught, and Keaton can get into a whole other alternate wardrobe of cute for showing off. Not only Keaton, as Christmas giving found me the new owner of a new haute couture sportcoat/blazer thing (pinstripes and all). I haven’t got to wear it quite yet, but am looking forward to it once we get back to the lower temps of Northern California.

Been a whirlwind couple of days here on the vacation tour. Orlando and back, several hours in the car, and crammed-in visits here, there, and everywhere. As is standard fare for the last few days of our jaunts here, we’ve once again booked up a busy schedule before our early morning Monday departure. We did, although, have some time today to sit outside and enjoy the weather at a natural springs north of Orlando. I took Keaton down her first playground slide, and she got to see otters and herons and fishies. Speaking of Keaton, she’s recovered nicely from whatever she had, but we still haven’t seen the telltale rash/breakout that’s associated with roseola – so who knows if that’s what it was or not. I’m just happy her fevers have passed and she’s feeling better again.

Thanks for all the comments lately friends – makes it easier to keep writing. Until tomorrow, take care.

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