gifts, spoils, and fevers

Christmas in Florida came with thunder, lightning, and rain.

Since storms here are front-page news, all the network affiliates broke into their regular programming to report today’s Storm of the Century. The coverage here is downright paranoia, with all sorts of doom-and-gloom “what if” scenarios (“if the winds down a power line and lightning pops a gas main, we could’ve have a disastrous situation” type stuff), and minute-by-minute tracking of the storm cells moving across the state. We sat and watched the satellite coverage track the eastward march until we could see the darkness on the horizon, then took Keaton outside to watch. She pointed and looked as it got dark and the winds whipped the trees around, and laughed at the rain. We certainly felt Californian sitting out in the rain like it was a spectator sport, but I miss a storm with some good tropical-style gumption.

As of Christmas eve Keaton’s been running a fever. We swung into a 24hr pharmacy on the way home from a family get-together and bought a thermometer (which we didn’t have in the “travel kit”) and I got the job of sticking in in her butt when we got home. I feel bad for her, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from her attitude that she’s feeling anything less than normal. It’s the first “real” fever she’s had, and being a first-time parent I was of course a bit over concerned. But, she’s sleeping and eating and playing just fine, so I guess we’ll just keep and eye on her and maybe even chalk it up to teething… poor babygirl.

Been spending the past couple days on a downloading spree, as my favorite invite-only tracker gave users a weeklong Christmas gift of “free” downloads (i.e., not ratio impacting). Spent a good amount of time researching and looking for a breakbeat mixtape I had back in highschool that I’ve been searching for ever since I lost track of my copy. After years spent listening to classic early 90’s breaks trying to reconstruct the tracklist, I’ve pretty much decided I’ll never hear the exact mix again – but I did manage to pull down some great old skool tracks that bring back great memories. Too bad the “high speed” connection here at the inlaws is pathetic as all get-out.

Goodnight friends and lovers.

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  1. Don’t be whining about slow DSL connections when you could be over here, hanging with the “B” and downloading at cable modem speeds (~5 megs).

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