mouth like an ashtray

First night “out” in Florida. Beers and cigarettes with old friends.

Could’ve done without the cigarettes, but such is my vice and I’ve exhausted that subject many times prior. I like taking my time to write, vacation is good for that, snatching a few minutes here and there during the day with no midnight deadline looming over me or “writing windows” which I must work within. Ran into an old friend at the local brewpub, whom I hadn’t seen in some ten years, and had a great time catching up and talking shop (even though I was many years his junior, I used to be his manager when we worked together at the record store). I like learning what people I used to know, even just as fleeting acquaintances, are doing now. I guess most folks enjoy a good round of “where are they now?” Anyway, Keaton was asleep and I touched her soft little face when we finally hit the sack around 1am. I’d had the perfect amount of spirit, enough to make a plea for marital relations (a plea that fell on deaf ears), but not enough to wake up with a headache (although my mouth tasted like an ashtray).

Today my day went like this: wake up around 7am and hand babygirl to mom for a wakeup boob; go online and load up the blog to see if anyone commented on my “best of” entry, and make a couple changes when I realize I forgot a couple albums (too late to shuffle them into the rankings now, the deed’s been done); no comments on the entry, time for to evacuate the bowels and wash the scent stale smoke and beer from my skin; play with babies for several hours, both my own and those of friends come to visit; finish the first volume of the books I’m reading; take a nap; blog. I’m telling you, it’s mindless, aimless bliss. I have time to really sit and enjoy playing with Keaton, and to appreciate how happy she can make her relatives when she smiles and coos and makes mean faces when I tell her “No” as she tries to grab the spoon during feedings.

Substance or no, it’s done now. Until tomorrow.

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  1. Benz, you played with babies for 56 straight days during your sabbatical?
    DD, I’m in FL now, sitting in Tampa airport waiting for a pickup. FL in winter is great… 80 degrees and the humidity isn’t stifling. 🙂

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