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Hey hey Thursday again, and I’ve written nary a word as the clock tick-tick-ticks towards 8pm. I could be working on the new tombstones, but I’m not. Usually, when I come home from work, I take everything out of my pockets, peel of my shoes and socks and get down to a pair of shorts and my undershirt and then collect my cellphone and head to the living room. When I forget my cellphone on the dresser, I can’t hear it from the front part of the house. So, I end up missing calls. Later, when I find my cellphone and see how many missed calls I have I rarely return any phone calls, and even more rarely listen to the pileup of voicemails. I don’t know why I don’t listen to voicemail, I guess I have some notion that, if people want to talk to me or tell me something, they’ll probably call back. I know it’s a dick point of view, but if you’ll remember I’ve never actually said I wasn’t a dick.

Today I came home for lunch and made a pizza, those frozen oven kind with a french bread crust. I had four of the smallish pieces and some soda before playing with Keaton for a while, kissing her forehead, and heading back to a packed day at the office. When I came home, I decided to once again not mow the lawn (this is perhaps my longest dereliction of the duty), and I held and kissed and played with the baby a little more before Sharaun left for a “girls night out” with friends. On my own for dinner, I surveyed the options: leftover spaghetti (my go-to, always works, never tired of it meal), leftover sausage and peppers (but I’d have to cook some rice to put it on), or the remaining slices of the very pizza I had for lunch. Faced with the choices, I went with pizza. So, today, I had coffee and pizza; that’s it. Coffee and pizza do not fine-dining make, my friends. Not by far.

Update: Seems Apple fixed the artwork issue with the release of iTunes 7.0.2, read here to find out how I got my artwork back. Read on for my original entry.

Anyone else having issues with their 5G iPod not showing album art anymore after firmware 1.2 and/or iTunes 7.0.1? I consider the album artwork display feature to be one of the better “perks” of the iPod, but also one of the most poorly implemented. Why do some MP3s with embedded artwork just “work,” while the iPod seems to ignore others? Why do I have to uncheck the “show artwork” and then recheck it to get the iPod to “optimize artwork” so it’ll display properly? Should the damn thing “optimize” it when I drop the files onto it? Why did the new firmware/iTunes break artwork for newly-added albums?

Last night, I tried to fix this and the damn thing ate all my lovingly added artwork and now I can’t get it back. Oh, it’s still embedded in the files – it shows up in iTunes, just not on the iPod. I was so angry, I just laughed. Yeah, I was that mad. This website says I should “remove all the tracks” from my iPod and then “re-synchronize it.” Great, except I don’t use the “synchronize library” feature, I manually manage the songs and have no established library with which I can re-synchronize (the measly 60GB that is my iPod represents a mere fraction of my entire music collection). Moreover, there’s no “approved” way to get the tracks currently on my iPod off my iPod so I can re-add them. I guess, I’ll use SharePod to take all the songs off my iPod, blank it out, and then re-add them through iTunes 7.0.1. Yeah, I’ll do that when I have 3hrs to spare…

I’m not the only one either, others are also struggling with album art issues in 7.0. Anyway, I’m hoping somone will hit this page with a Google search for the subphrases “artwork shows in iTunes” and “not on iPod,” and comment here with a quick-fix because this…

If you are in manual mode, the ONLY way to put artwork back onto your iPod right now is to add the artwork to the song in iTunes and then re-transfer those tracks back to your iPod. The artwork can be added either manually or automatically, but it must be added to the file in iTunes and then the file transferred to the iPod.

…is bullshit. Goodnight.

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3 Replies to “coffee and pizza”

  1. The only thing I can say is wait for Apple to make another update.

    This shit pisses me off too. The only way to get it to do it (having tried it myself) is to use the synch option…but I don’t use it, I manually manage my stuff in there.

    I’m just gonna wait for Apple to fix iShit, then next time i’m gonna be very wary of getting another iPOD for myself, family, and friends. I’m waiting for someone out there to make a BETTER mp3 player that actually has a GOOD service running here.

  2. It was starting to annoy me too, until… I (accidentally) found that if you use senuti to download the music from the iPod down to iTunes, delete it off the ipod and reupload to the ipod from iTunes, the album art magically reappears on the ipod.

    Hope that helps

  3. @Fake ID

    Yeah, I think that’s what I’m gonna have to do. ‘Cept I’ll have to use SharePod or something since I’m on Windows. I’m holding out for a while kind of hoping Apple releases an update – but I’m sure I’ll eventually break down…

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