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Sunday night, eve of another week of work. I managed to get all the Halloween decorations up and operational this afternoon, from the witch to the graveyard, from the crank ghost to the coffin popper, even down to the little twinkly lights in the house fixtures. I’m completely satisfied that everything went up as easily as it did, and everything was 100% operational when I turned it all on. Every year, as my decorations multiply and get more complicated, I fear it’ll be the year I’ll get a taste of the real spirit of Halloween – and someone will wreck my stuff. Having put so much effort into creating it all, it would really be a bummer to have to try and rebuild. But, for now it’s up and it’s not wrecked – and this is actually the earliest I’ve ever got it up.

Before I get to the mediocre stuff, cruise on over to Keaton’s updated-weekly galleries to see her latest installment. Go ahead, don’t be shy… click right here.

Sharaun and I live right next to a local college, within walking distance even. For a lark, I decided to see what kind of evening classes are offered, and how much they charge. Turns out a class is dirt cheap, sub-$100, and they have a pretty decent bunch of classes. I’ve decided that, come spring, I’ll take a philosophy class one evening a week. I never got to take any philosophy classes in college – and it’s always been something I’ve been interested in. At such a price, I figured I might as well do it. Who knows, maybe I’ll be unwittingly equipping myself for a career as a deep thinker when the whole engineering thing falls through.

Time to head off to bed folks, we’ll call this good enough to print.

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