the camera lives in the diaper bag

Happy Sunday folks! Had a nice long-seeming weekend. Mowed the lawn, hung out with friends, had a slight beer overdose, bought and assembled some patio furniture, pulled weeds… yeah it was a good weekend. Need more like that, or a vacation… one or the other. Not much for writing today, but I did manage to upload Keaton’s five months photos to her gallery (it’s not huge, but it bests last weeks small offering), enjoy! I can hardly believe she’s five months old now, it really has gone by fast (just like everyone said it would, imagine that).

Sunday before I Sharaun and I headed out the door for church, I, for some reason, started thinking about an old “cyber” friend of mine I’d met through my old days of Beatles trading. This fellow, Dave, and I became more than just regular tape-traders (yes, this was back before the days of sub-25¢ CR-Rs. We exchanged e-mail on a fairly regular basis, and eventually met in the flesh at a Beatlefest (kinda like a Star Trek convention but for Beatles-nerds). Over time, our correspondence dropped off, but we’d sometimes get or send a nostalgic “catch up” mail. Searching through my old mail for the last valid address I had for Dave, the best I could do was something from 2004. I figured I’d give it a shot, and wrote a three-sentence “hey there” mail to see if the address bounced. Later that day, I logged on to write Monday’s blog entry and saw a new comment from Dave and his wife. My first thought was that they’d got my mail, loaded my site from the link in my signature, and commented on the blog. Nope. Turns out they found me randomly, also spurred by a random “I wonder what that guy I used to like talking to” thought. Being that we both had this thought on the same day, some two years after our last correspondence – I’m totally convinced we had some of mind-meld going on. Crazy.

Got a great idea for the Halloween party this weekend, can’t leak it though – I want it to be a surprise. I love that our Halloween party is going to be four-years running this year. Can’t wait.


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  1. Dave Its Dave R! I couldn’t understand what Pam was telling me about how you tried to write us earlier in the day. When I finally got it I stood there with my mind spinning for about a minute. What are the chances we would both write the same day each not knowing the other had tried also. Anyway great to hear from you. Your baby is beautiful! We are both really happy for and Sharaun. I still pull out some of the old tapes you made me and listen through them. It never gets old, unlike myself. I turned 44 today. OUch! I am lucky though I’m healthy, and happy as hell. I started my own business last year and life is good.
    Pam now works for Washington Mutual as a senior financial analyst.The kids are good too. I’ll say bye for now but I want to check out your site. How do you find the time? I told you years ago you will invent something awsome some day with all this energy you have. I’ll be able to say “I know him!” Take care Dave R

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