revenge of the axiom

Fix this for me, I'll pay you.
I knew it, I knew it. As soon as we’ve got a nice little for-when-the-baby-comes savings built up in the bank, Dave’s First Axiom of Finance strikes: There’s no such thing as extra money.

First, the garage door breaks on Tuesday, and I was waiting until the weekend to fix it. That means Sharaun and I had both been parking in the driveway for a few nights, Friday night being one of them. Saturday morning, Sharaun had yet another all-day teachermoot which left the king alone in his castle. As she was leaving, she noticed my car door was cracked. Sure enough, I had been liberated of my stereo. Not sure if I left my truck unlocked, but it sure appears that way – that or the efficient pilferers made some non-intrusive entry; my money’s on unlocked. This latest thieving marks the fourth time Sharaun or I have had our cars rifled and lightened by crooked fingers – and the second time that it’s happened right in our own driveway. I hate the feeling you get when someone jacks your stuff… hate it. Sure, some might say it’s my fault, if indeed I did leave the doors unlocked. Bullshit. It’s not my “fault.” I may have invited it, making it unnecessarily easy, but it’s sure not my “fault” that someone can’t fight their klepto urges.

I did spend a few hours over the weekend tearing the thing apart, attempting to ditch the antiquated idea of a head-unit and integrate my iPod directly into the speakers via the existing amp. Then I remembered that the amp was bad, and I was only using it as a bridged-mono “crutch” to push the subwoofer – so that plan bombed. So now I’m gonna roll her up to the stereo place and let them have their way with it. I’m still planning to get rid of the head unit and go iPod-only into the speakers, I’m just gonna let them work their magic with those instructions rather than wracking my brain over the wiring, input levels, gain, and all that other associated crap. Shooting for an un-thievable setup where I can just take the iPod with me, leaving not but wires in the vehicle to be stolen.

Second (those two paragraphs we’re the “first”), Sharaun’s car started making the most awful noise on Sunday. It’s something that I’ve been hearing, albeit having to strain, for a while now – but that she’s dismissed as me being over-sensitive to noise (which, in fairness, I am). Now, however, the noise is indisputable – so loud it almost drowns out the stereo at high speed. Whatever it is, it sure doesn’t sound good. Thankfully, I remembered at the last minute that we’re still under warranty – I’d pushed the salesman for the 5yr/65k at no cost and won. We dropped it off late Sunday night, and’ve got my fingers crossed for something covered… otherwise I fear the cost of repair will be directly proportional to the volume of that nasty sound.

But folks, all is not woe and misery… nothing a few hundred dollars won’t fix, at least. And, while it’s fun to complain for comedic value – it’s also annoying.

OK yeah, you have to watch this: Fear of Girls, a free film on Google Video about table-top RPG players… hilarious (via MeFi).


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