the hare won, right?

I’m back. Did you miss me? Whatever, you’re full of crap. I bet you didn’t even check the page yesterday, you damn sunshine patriot. So; yeah. I took a writer’s vacation. Work dictated it more than anything… but I’m not going to say I didn’t kinda enjoy not writing. Today I got a bunch of lackluster paragraphs rounded out with a couple links to tunes. Maybe listen as you read along, I don’t care… it’s ultimately your bag. Enjoy.

Can I tell you how much I like this Aqueduct album? Oh, I can’t? Sorry then. Wait, who the eff are you to tell me what I can tell you? This internet thing is a free medium last time I checked. So: Dang I like this Aqueduct album! You people who may think you’ve heard it before, say, on the OC or something – shut up. So what if it was on the OC already… so what if the OC seems to be rapidly gaining on me in terms of the illustrious “I found that band” cred? The OC! I show for teenagers about cute and rich and white high-schoolers who drink beer, oh and there’s lesbians and indie music all over that biatch. Anyway, you should check out the album, it’s called I Sold Gold, and even though the revered PF panned it – I’d recommend it. Rock this track and tell me what you think.

As much as I don’t want to, I’m going to get up in the morning and go to work. Sometimes, I get this feeling… like something big is on the horizon. It usually comes in the morning, with the cold air. Today it came strong on my way home for lunch. Almost transcendent for a minute, I just get this feeling like I’m on the precipice, about to step off the edge or something. Not a scary feeling… an excited one. I don’t think I have the shining or anything like that – I just think it means something good is going to happen. I don’t usually serve out MP3s, but here’s the song that was playing when I got my good vibes… listen to that awesome guitar breakdown at the end with the fast video-gamey sounding part. As for the vibes themselves… I dunno. Summer is coming and the sun is still shining on my way home from work, maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m gonna win the lottery; then I can finally stop shaving altogether.

Why didn’t I write the past couple of days? Business trip my friends. Yeah, more customer visits. You remember the last time I was in Taiwan?, well some other customer-dudes wanted to hear that material – so Wayne and I made the short trip to present to these fools. As usual, we owned the audience. I was telling Wayne, I created the bulk of the material I presented over a year ago… and have just morphed it ever since. Oh sure it’s changed over time, but I swear I only made the effort once – the rest is just tweaking. What I’m getting at is, I’ve been presenting the same crap for over a year now. Considering, I’m pretty damn good at talking about this material. I don’t practice anymore… don’t worry about it… just go up and do the song and dance. Don’t worry, there was never any passion to be lost. It’s a loveless task, but I rather like it.

At work, I have complicated system of Post-It Notes task-management. I have a mid-sized pad on which I keep my medium-to-long term obligations in a asterisk-prefixed list. Not necessarily in priority order, just a list of everything I need to get done in one-to-two weeks time. For one-off obligations, I have one of those tiny little pads, and I take quick notes and stick them to the top of my laptop. Those are low-time-investment do-today things, I have to clear them off before the end of the day. In this age of cellphones and PDAs and high-tech little black books – my primary organizational system consists of Post-It notes. This is all I have for this paragraph, I realize it’s a little weak… but I’m going to talk more about work after I hit return twice.

After being a member of the working class for several years now, I’ve come to a rather shocking conclusion. Either, 90% of the workforce is stuck in 1st gear – or I have an amazing capacity to do things at mach speed. I’m not saying this to brag, I’m trying to document and explain an observable phenomenon. Through experiments conducted by myself and on myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can do what management considers to be a multi-day task in three to four hours. Again, I’m being totally serious and not trying to blow my own horn here (lots of masturbatory colloquialisms in this paragraph it seems; y’know blowing one’s own horn and doing experiments… oh, you get it). Anyway, I’ve been blessed with this incredible talent – and I use it to my advantage on every occasion possible. My big secret is that my week’s work really only took me one solid day. If this is true, I have an untapped potential to increase my workload by up to as much as 80%. You want what done? Uh-huh. Due Friday? OK, I’ll get working on that right away. Right away Friday morning… sucker. Cut me a check, it’s the weekend already and I’m beat.

You think they’re gonna make new dinosaurs? Goodnight.

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