mistaken identity II

Who is this?  ASL?
I’m extremely tired, so I’m just going to publish this.

God it’s a beautiful day out. Don’t you think so? Those trees with the little cottonball blossoms are all in bloom across the street. People are driving by with their windows down and ballcaps on; things are really summering up around here. Sometimes I wish we could make Saturday and Sunday double-long, because they always seem to go too fast. You can keep the night the same length, just give me double-daylight. Sunday, the plan was to actually get out and take advantage of some of this goodness. Erik and I took the bikes out for a ride over by the river, trying to discover some more of the local trails. We found a nice little ~20mi loop that skirts the river and was relatively easy.

In the blog-progress arena, I finally got the spell-checking plugin script working for my WordPress install. No more cutting and pasting the entire entry into OpenOffice to spellcheck it before posting – the button is integrated right into the wordpress “Write Post” dialog. I’ve also been busy going month-by-month through my old entries and giving them titles and categories. The category listings on the sidebar are beginning to fill out nicely, as I take things out of the default “general” and start classifying them a little better. I care way to much about this stupid page of worthless rambling.

Got my new cellphone on Friday, and immediately starting messing with it. The MMC card thing is awesome, and I found out that my multi-card reader at home will read it fine in the SD slot. That means I can easily drop MP3s onto the MMC card without having to put up with the slow transfer speeds of bluetooth or IR. Now all I have to do is pick up a 2GB card the next time I’m in Taiwan, and I’ve got a nice small solid-state music player.

Sunday morning I woke up to 7 or 8 AOL Instant Messenger “User soandso wants to send you an instant message, would you like to accept?” windows on my desktop. I don’t know what happened, I don’t even use AIM anymore and have considered uninstalling it several times, but somehow someone either picked a username that’s close to mine, or a bunch of other people got confused. Either way, I went ahead and allowed everyone to IM me, I think mostly because I saw a bloggable opportunity. Most of the initial IMs were innocuous: “hey,” “hi,” “u there?,” etc. But one… one was different… and it was too good to ignore. The first three messages were sitting in the window after I accepted the chat. Turns out that the guy I was supposed to be must’ve done somebody wrong, check it:

wow your really immature and need to grow up, do you really get aroused by makeing fun of other people? thats really immature and shows your weakness and insecurity
just a little warning, i dont recommend pullin that shit in the future or you will seriously get your ass kicked or even shot for that matter
its pathetic how cool you think you are from calling my sister fat, you live in a america you fucking fag everyones obease, im sure you gonna be that way some day, she may be bigger but that means she could own your little ass in a fight so i would really watch you say you fuckin dick licker
you’re fat too
so is your mom
go cut your wrist you fuckin dumbass
you’re fat
your moms a dyke
i can’t believe how fat you and your sister are

I started feeling guilty really fast though, so I came clean with everyone who was trying to chat with someone they thought was me but wasn’t. It didn’t take me long to realize that everyone IMing me was a girl, and by their talk of homework and school – possibly not of-age girls at that. At this point, Sharaun began yelling at me to stop talking to young girls over IM (good advice, really). But these girls, even after I’d sworn I wasn’t who they thought I was, were still insisting I call them… no matter who I was. This type of thing has happened to me before, so I’m somewhat practiced at it. Anyway, I didn’t call any of them… for fear of come cyber-crime unit rushing my front door and arresting me.

The more I listen to the most recent Helio Sequence album, the more I become convinced that PF was off their rocker when they only gave it a 5.0. This album is great, it’s summer-day quirky beats are perfect for green-grass and sunshine laziness. Makes me long to be sprawled on the backseat of a boat moving down the river, sun beating down with a sweaty bottle of beer in hand.


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