straightup buy a live chicken

Jetsetting yuppie.
On a plane to Oregon tomorrow, only gone for a couple days. Tonight was a pretty uneventful evening. Spent the time upgrading my RAID array to 240GB – since my “digital migration” project (ripping all my CDs to MP3) was taking up way more room than I originally accounted for. Surprisingly, the upgrade went off without a hitch, and I’m happily back to ripping songs.

Whoa, in the middle of writing that 1st paragraph about this being a rather uneventful evening, I decided to open today’s mail. Turns out we got another check from our home refi, for what seems to be more leftover impound account balance. Anyway, to me – it looks less like an impound account refund and more like a backyard. Yeah baby, it’s all there, every cent we need to hit yesterday’s targets by the arrival of Sharaun’s folks in July. I have changed my tune, and now think it’s entirely possible. I’m pumped.

Today Sharaun took her class on a field trip to Chinatown in San Francisco. They took a guided tour that hit some temples and other places of interest, one of them a traditional Chinese marketplace. The way she described it to me, it sounded a lot like some of the night markets in Taipei, lots of seafood and odd animals parts for sale? as food. Anyway, apparently this place has all sorts of livestock for sale too, frogs, turtles, chickens, etc. I guess one of her kids actually bought a live chicken.

One of the other students alerted her and she got back to the chicken hawker just in time to see a the saleswoman folding over a paper bag, stapling it shut, and poking four air-holes in it. When Sharaun asked the student what was in the bag, he replied with great excitement, “I just bought a real chicken for only a dollar fifty!” She managed to talk the woman into taking back the chicken, after explaining that it wasn’t going to be accompanying them on the two-hour bus ride back. For some reason that story had me cracking up, what kid tries to straightup buy a live chicken in Chinatown?! You got moxie kid, I like that.

Turns out the disks I wrote about the other day are unreadable. Yup, they either got the bit-rot, or there’s nothing on those mofos. You know, now that I think about it – I think Joey and I may have used those things on a PC sometime after we used them on the Mac? I wonder if we were smart enough to format them and store crap on them. Either way, I’m gonna try and get them back and see if I can read them on a PC 5.25″ floppy. Owell, it was worth a try.

That’s it, midnight-thirty and I have to be up around five. I’m off to bed, g’night losers. Dave out.

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  1. "what kid tries to straightup buy a live chicken in Chinatown?"

    How about, "What kind of adult tries to sell a chicken to a little kid without asking any questions?"

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