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So I was lazy last week, didn’t write on Thursday or Friday. Well, lazy may not be the right word, more like busy as crap. Work was kicking butt, after-work schedule also kicking butt, and just a general lack of things to write about. I’m not making excuses for you punks, so don’t think I’ve gone soft – I’ll still break your ass.

Worked on the backyard a bit this weekend, forming up the sidewalk that’s going down the right side of the house. Even though I’m now gonna redo it (I want to make a little “landing” where the garbage bins can live), I was proud of the work. Now I just need to get some fill dirt to level it out and then I can pour concrete (sometime next week I think). Also bought some do-it-yourself interlocking landscape curbing, for the little garden strip I’m doing on the left side of the place. Sharaun hasn’t really seen my vision of that yet, so she was a little confused. I’m totally confident it’ll look utterly rad when it’s done though – plus it simplifies the sprinkler layout on that side. I thought about my goal of having things pretty much wrapped up by Sharaun’s folks’ arrival in mid-July, and I’m just not sure. I’ve got concrete, sod, pavers, and plants left to do. That’s about $500, $600, $400, $500, respectively. I think I may be able to do all but plants before they come – which will at least give us grass. Then there’s all the little expenses that add up, like sand for the pavers, edge restraint, etc. At this point it’s the wallet that’ll give out before my back does.

This weekend we’re doing an adventure-camp trip up the Sacramento River. We went yesterday to scout possible riverbank campsites, and found a really nice one about 15mi up from where we launch. Nice sandy beach complete with a little hollow to have a fire. Technically, camping on the river is illegal – but I think we found a pretty good spot. There’s no road on that side, and the bank is probably farmland – as there’s an irrigated grove just over the levee. I figure we should be able to camp for the weekend without getting busted. And if we do get busted, we’ve got a backup plan – the owner of some seedy riverside bar said we could camp behind his place for free if we got booted out by the cops. Should be really fun. We’ll go up Saturday, setup camp, wakeboard all day, then repeat on Sunday and Monday. As long as we don’t get eaten by river rats, accosted by pirates, or chased off by farmers, it should be a success.

Heading to Oregon early tomorrow morning for work, returning sometime Wednesday – which doesn’t give me much time to work on the yard before we’re gone all weekend. I was thinking about taking Friday off, to maybe do my concrete work and just get a jump on the long weekend, but not sure yet.

I’m done. But guys, I got some bad news: that stuff we thought was lamb curry, it’s not lamb curry – it’s goat curry. Yum, goat. Dave out.

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