silky smoothness

Happy birthday to me!
Not much been going down, so it’s gonna be a short one today. Last night I divided my time between ripping VHS to MPEG and coding the brand new sidebar element you see on the right of the page. I hope to add some more sidebar elements as time goes on, just to make the blog more fun. Anthony and Ben said they stopped reading it, so I guess the blog novelty (and my 15min) is about over. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing, I’ve been doing it this long I might as well carry on.

The VHS to MPEG activities went well, although I didn’t have time to properly edit the captured video yet – so I won’t be posting it today. The 5th grade “fitness challenge” one was great, got to see all my old classmates and stuff. My best bud Shaine is like the star of the video, and since I know he’s a blog reader – I’m gonna put together a “best of” Shaine running the obstacle course. It’s pretty funny to watch. I think the comments sidebar addition to the webpage turned out nice too. If you’re confused by it, here’s a breakdown: it shows a snippet of the three most recently entered comments, each comment is clickable through to the full comment page for a particular blog entry. One of the thing I like about it is that even if you go back and comment on a really old blog entry, that comment will show up in the “most recent” sidebar. That’s cool for me because previously I had no way, other than scanning through the old pages, to know if someone commented on an older article. Anyway, it was a fun coding project and kept me busy for a couple days – so I deem it successful.

I still haven’t shaved, and to me this scruff looks pretty bad. However, Sharaun insists she likes it – so I’ma keep it for now. Maybe I’m crazy, but I get this strange feeling there’s something going down with this beard that I’m not aware of. Friday night is our little “holiday party” at the house, and Sharaun’s asked more than once if I plan to shave the beard for the party. Why would she wonder if I will have the beard at the party? Is there some kind of beard-related joke or event going down at this soiree that I’m unaware of? Only time will tell I suppose, but I’ve just never seen her take so much interest in my shaving habits. Maybe there will be bearded dude on the cake or something? Who knows.

Why do people always laugh when I tell them I put baby powder on my balls? I’m totally not embarrassed by it. That baby powder is a godsend when it comes to swampy balls. I guess my habit started in FL, where it’s always a million degrees in the shade, and a perpetually-hot dude like me is more often than not overheated. A lil’ baby powder applied in the morning can make the day so much more bearable. I tried Gold Bond at first, but that stuff is like powdered acid when it comes to genitalia – at least for me. I even have a little travel-sized thing of powder to take with me on trips and when hiking/camping. I’ve gotten way used to staying nice and dry and chafe free, so I gotta take it with me. My whole ball-area moves with effortless silky smoothness, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Maybe I’ve got dysfunctional ball sweat glands or something, but I need some kinda desiccant up in there to help me out – so I powder. Back off.

What am I listening to lately? Well, still the Decemberists, I can’t get enough of ’em. That and absmi has been spitting out some great new stuff lately. I’ve been alternating between the Statistics (with one of the members of the group who had last year’s best album, IMO, Desaparecidos), a group called Menomena (who have a hilarious website), and the new +/- album. All pretty good upon several listens. Since I’m talking about music, it must mean I’m out of other things to say. An appropo time to wrap up this entry I’d say.

Dave out.

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  1. It´s about time I was the star of a video! I´ve had a few small parts in a few features but for some reason I only get cast in "Ethnic" flicks, as the token white guy. Must be somthin bout me that says "white Trash". Want to see a really crapy movie? Check out Gangster Party! I play Dougie the Racist. See if you can find me!

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