working out the kinks

So, I take back the thing from below about the comment script not working. Let me explain…

To make this blog, I used a bunch of freeware apps/code that I hacked up into what I want. The s/w I’m using to write/edit/upload these entries is called “Blog.”

The Blog s/w has a built-in commenting feature that is implemented thru e-mail… and I didn’t like that. So I Google’d and found some freeware ASP commenting scripts, which I heavily edited for my purposes (specifically, I went to work on this script source: Blogcomments).

The toughest part was the comment counter at the bottom of each journal entry. Believe it or not there’s about ~100 lines of code just to get that counter working correctly (and for some reason it’s still got a stinkin’ extra space after the comment count!). Anyway, the commenting feature now works, as does the majority of the blog. However, there is still a lot to be done, adding archive links, formatting, eyecandy, etc.

Hope you’re enjoying it so far.

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