today is the first day

Today’s the 1st day I’m gonna try and start this journal thing. I just got the software and site template working, and nothing much more than that. For now it’s an experiment.

I’m still seriously messing with layout/format/content… so far I’ve consciously made the decision that I think I want to type in all lowercase letters, for some reason that looks fly to me. I’ve also just decided on a title for the page, which you can see at the top of the browser. I have no idea what it means. Right now the page is green, really green. I didn’t actually intend for it to be green, I was just using a filler word in the html as a color placeholder – but now that I see it, I kinda like it. Primary and simplistic.

The comments link won’t work right now, and I may remove it altogether unless I can automate it somehow, which will be a lot of work. whatever, I’ll get to it one day. Either tomorrow or today I’ll work on fixing up the archive function (each week’s entries will be moved off this front page and put into a separate archive file). But for now I think it’s working OK.

Owell, this is it for now.

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