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The Pac-Man
Cocktail Table Project
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Itemized Parts List
So, here we are. I lay myself bare and show exactly what I dropped on this "project." The vast majority of these parts were purchased in December of 2002. I've tried to list the sources (with links when available), and prices for each item.

Item Source† Unit Cost Quantity Sub-Totals
(KOC1) Ms. Pac-Man replica cocktail cabinet (unassembled kit, stained) $220.00 1 $220.00
(CP1B) Blank control panels $18.00 2 $36.00
(GC1-8) Glass clips (8 count) $35.00 1 $35.00
(50-6084-00) Super Joystick, 4-way/8-way $7.99 4 $31.96
(40-0375-00) Coin door assembly, pinball style $88.49 1 $88.49
(49-1337-VP) 19" Vision Pro VGA monitor, shelf mount $303.75 1 $303.75
(58-9111-L1PLY) "1 Player" pushbutton, horizontal µswitch $1.81 1 $1.81
(58-9111-L2PLY) "2 Player" pushbutton, horizontal µswitch $1.81 1 $1.81
(58-9166,9100,9122,9155,9111,9133,9144-L) Pushbuttons, horizontal µswitch (assorted colors) $1.72 16 $27.52
I-PAC4, PS/2 interface 56-inputs $65.00 1 $65.00
Altec-Lansing AVS300 speaker system Sams Club $21.45 1 $21.45
(PCTU) Pac-Man cocktail table underlay, Namco licensed
(Want to print your own for less? Click here) $65.00 1 $65.00
Custom glass/plexi for table top N/A $45.00 1 $45.00
(LCG1) Smart Strip (current-actuated power strip) $29.95 1 $29.95
6"x9" Speaker Cover (Midway style) $9.00 2 $18.00
Combined shipping & handling N/A $96.00 N/A $96.00
Total $1086.74
† If, after visiting my site, you decide to purchase something from one of the vendors list above - be sure to mention that you were referred from my pages!

Well, I did go a wee bit over budget. I know some might say, "you could buy a real Pac-Man table for that!" And, yeah, you may be right. However, for an original (or re-release) cocktail cabinet in the thousand dollar range, I figure you'd probably have to put quite a bit of money into it in order to make it look nice and shiny new. Also in my corner, the fact that I can play more than just Pac-Man. Running the cabinet on a MAME-based PC offers the benefit of flexibility. Not only that, but since I built the machine, I will be familiar enough with it to make repairs fairly easily. Finally, since it's made of all new parts, I don't have to worry (too much) about ancient arcade parts going bad in the near future.
Perhaps this can be done cheaper. If you think you know of some creative ways to cut corners, let me know and I might possibly add the suggestions for the benefit of others. I can think of a few, such as finding an old cocktail cabinet at auction for cheap, getting one with working some or all working parts would be the holy grail. If you can find a working monitor, coindoor, and/or controls - you might be able to cut costs significantly (although then you're stuck with trying to get MAME to display on a standard arcade monitor). So there are pros and cons I suppose.
Hope this info can help some other cabinet-maker-to-be get an idea of the finances that will be poured into the project.