of fog

something's wrong with dave's tie rod
First off, I finally broke down and took the Ford in to get looked at. It’s been “clicking” when I turn and making ugly noises when it hits bumps. I expected the worst, but it looks like I have a loose “tie rod” and some kinda rogue nut/bolt lodged up in my “control arm.” Homeboy Mechanic Joe coulda told me that my Johnson rod and spliff rotator were loose and I’d believe him, I’m totally auto ignorant. I figured I could get the mechanical problems with the truck squared away first, and then move onto the cosmetic things. There are, sadly, a couple cosmetic things to fix: where that dang wrench flew up from the road and bashed my hood (2wks after I got the dang truck), the ripped vinyl on the interior center console, and the totally busted driver’s chair adjustment panel. Oh well, at least the work today is only gonna cost $235…. better than I had been bracing for.

Second off, why ain’t nobody using the comment script I spent so much time on?! You know (mom, dad, others), that instead of e-mailing or calling me to say something about my blog entry, you can click the little “comments” link at the bottom of each one and leave a nice comment for me to see. Oh well, I guess some people are just afraid of technology.

Last night I tested my new fog machine. For those not in-the-know, I am crazy about Halloween. Ever since I was in the 5th grade, I’ve loved the idea of going all out for that holiday. As kids, Frank and I used to take dad’s old clothes and make dummies out of them. Then we’d “hang” the basketball-headed effigies from the roof. Our displays usually included copious amounts of fake blood, and were scored in the background with one of those solid orange cassette tapes you buy at the gas station for 99? (you know, with tracks like “Torture Chamber,” “Howing Wind & Animals,” etc.). This year, I’ve got a house of my own for the first time, and I’m starting a new tradition. I’m building most of the props myself, and what I can’t build I’ve bought (fog machine, black light, etc.). The display will be replete with a fog-blanketed graveyard, a mechanical see-thru ghost, bubbling witch’s cauldron, a strobe-light-lit hanging victim, and much more. I can’t wait, and I’ll post pictures of the event and creative process that leads up to it as soon as possible.

Anyway, Ben, Sharaun, and I completely fogged up Anthony’s garage, and then when he came home and opened the door to drive in, the fog was so thick he had to stop. He was in on the gag, but Brontë wasn’t, she wasn’t that impressed tho. Owell, the fog was, and is, still awesome. We “improvised” a fog chiller to see if the stuff really hugs the ground when it’s cold, and lo and behold it did. Kinda sweet – can’t wait to put it into action on Halloween.

On another note, Jeremy called me today to ask me what a “TiVo” was (referring to my post a couple entries below). Poor sheltered farmboy.

starting a tool graveyard

Spent Friday evening (while the light was still with us) diggin’ the trench in the backyard. I’ll add some pictures and link ’em soon. Basically, before we can put up the 1st course of the wall, we have to dig a trench and partially fill it with a base material of crushed rock. The rock then gets compacted (with a hand tamper) and leveled. Basically, there’s still a lot of work to be done. But, things are shaping up, and with the help of friends the digging has gone much faster. Then we hit the sushi joint for some rolls, and eventually closed down the local pub at 2am with some friends. Late night.

The PC’s in the house are acting dog-slow, internet-wise, because I’ve been roped into downloading SVCD rips of the 2nd season of Alias. Sharaun got addicted to it, thanks to the Mooney’s. It’s a good show, much better when you watch in succession and actually get into the X Files-ish plot. Bittorrent is great for TV rips.

Was talking to Bob in FL again last night, and he mentioned that he might be getting some plywood and cutting/fitting for his windows. The latest hurricane out in the Atlantic really looks like a killer, but they don’t know where it’s really headed yet. I remember when Frank and dad did the plywood thing at our house in Levitt, in FL hurricanes are a big deal. Funny being here in CA, and rarely ever hearing about them on the news. Instead we get to see Ahnold stumble his way through some questions about special interest groups. Yeah!

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to… something. Today is pretty open. Watching some football right now, and I’d like to watch the Gators play @ 3pm our time. Other than that, I’ve got several projects I could be working on. #1 would be heading to Home Depot to get a new shovel and pick… yup… the pick broke again!! And, Steve somehow managed to break the shovel yesterday also. I’m tellin’ you, this yard is pure rock, and any digging is just insane. So far we’ve been through 2 picks, 1 shovel, and 1 wheelbarrow. I’m thinking of starting a tool graveyard, but it would be too hard to dig the graves.


today is the first day

Today’s the 1st day I’m gonna try and start this journal thing. I just got the software and site template working, and nothing much more than that. For now it’s an experiment.

I’m still seriously messing with layout/format/content… so far I’ve consciously made the decision that I think I want to type in all lowercase letters, for some reason that looks fly to me. I’ve also just decided on a title for the page, which you can see at the top of the browser. I have no idea what it means. Right now the page is green, really green. I didn’t actually intend for it to be green, I was just using a filler word in the html as a color placeholder – but now that I see it, I kinda like it. Primary and simplistic.

The comments link won’t work right now, and I may remove it altogether unless I can automate it somehow, which will be a lot of work. whatever, I’ll get to it one day. Either tomorrow or today I’ll work on fixing up the archive function (each week’s entries will be moved off this front page and put into a separate archive file). But for now I think it’s working OK.

Owell, this is it for now.