weeknights 6pm

On my way to work there is a billboard advertising The Flintstones on television. Weeknights, 6pm. I’ve spent more than a few minutes thinking about it.

Does The Flintstones, which originally ran from 1960 to 1966, still have billboard-level recognition & draw? Don’t get me wrong I love the Flintstones. It’s right up there with Gilligan’s Island for me. Now, it’s not Andy Griffith Show caliber, but it’s certainly enjoyable.

But adults are seeing this billboard. I think about Sally-everywoman. She’s driving to work in the morning. She does medical encoding in a small office. She’s in teal scrubs, listening to the 107.7 FM morning zoo. Her car is coated in condensation because she parks it outside at the apartment complex where she lives. It’s Tuesday. She needs to get some milk on the way home, for the mac & cheese.

As she turns left on Forsyth she sees a billboard towering at the roadside. The Flintstones. Weeknights 6pm.

Oh, The Flintstones!

I wonder if I can get my milk & be home by 6pm?

I hope it’s not one of the episodes near the end where they had that stupid space alien that only Fred could see.

Some advertising exec at MeTV lights a fat cigar & sips cognac.

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