We moved from California to Florida just before I started the 6th grade.

That summer before school started was great. I spent every day playing with my brother. We spent most waking moments either in the pool or in the waves, as the condo Dad’s work set us up in while we looked for houses was beachfront. We met girls who spoke French.

Starting school in a new place was more challenging. I can vividly, like, almost even to the taste of dust in my mouth, remember feeling alone and confused. Questioning how I was going to fit in and who I even was. I was brand new, no one knew me, how was I going to act, who was I going to be?

We moved from California to Florida just before our 20th wedding anniversary.

The year before was great. I spent every day in an RV my family. We traveled around the US and Canada, exploring creation and history and learning about each other. We made new inside jokes, Cohen developed a love for Pokemon, Keaton for writing. Sharaun constantly reminded me why I love and need her more than anything.

Establishing our family a starting work in a new place has been exciting and scary. This morning, I had a feeling so close to that feeling 6th grade me felt that I was inspired to write this in response.

I am brand new.

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