far from over

To think that ten months has elapsed. Gone by. Been spent. It’s almost like an in-joke between us; there’s no way ten months have passed, we just started yesterday.

But really. Yesterday I drove up the Oregon coast. We got really cheap gas at that casino and ate lunch by those huge rocks. Remember I met that rail rider, the busker, in El Paso. Christmas was getting close and we slept at a Cracker Barrel across from him, his dog, and their flying sign.

We had coffee on the beach, it wasn’t very warm but it was beautiful. When we got back to the RV the kids had baked muffins as a surprise. And we had to move the RV to the parking lot and sleep there because the trees in the campground were at risk of being blown down in the strong winds.

We saw a nutria, and I learned that a nutria is a thing and what a nutria is. There were tarantulas scampering across the road. We hitched a ride with new friends, both families crammed in the back of a minivan. Jesus sang us a song for $10.

It rained. All night it rained. We got stuck in the mud but God fed us. We walked with ghosts and invited ours along, we even talked to one once. God met us again at the lake, he was a former tweaker. And again, but this time he saved kids for a living.

I guess, I don’t know. Maybe I kind of knew. Maybe this was always just a long beginning.


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