holocaust museum

Places like this, Dachau, the American Civil Rights Museum, where you see just what humankind can do to humankind for the silliest reasons, are always hard.

After three hours I was ready to be outside again, keenly aware, after all we’d just seen, of how easily I could just walk through a door and do so.

The weight of that evil sits on me, almost oppressive, like, somehow, I should bear part of the responsibility or own a stake in the shame. And that by simply being a part of Earth’s humanity, even all these years later, I’m personally charged with never letting such a thing happen again.

You find yourself wishing maybe you were part of a better tradition if humanity… not the same bunch of the Crusaders or Rwanda or Kosovo. But, this is the history we got.

Important, but hard. Hope the kids understand a little, realize how quickly evil human ideology can turn to evil deed.


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