catching up

I crawled into bed tonight just after midnight after walking the short distance home from the local watering hole.

A long-ago/still-today friend was in town from a world away and we spent the night imbibing and jawing together.  After midnight the place turned up the mood lighting as a signal to the last few holdout drunkards: It’s over; you have families; go home to them.  We all filed out and I did that “I’m perfectly fine” walk for the hundred yards or so back to our house.  Called Sharaun on the phone as I was walking up the driveway so as not to scare her when I jiggled the (inevitably locked) front door.  Got in, took the trash to the curb, did the nighttime disrobe and teeth-scrub and was ready to count sheep.

Wanted to write, though.  I see this guy – the guy that brought me out to the bar, something I don’t do all that much anymore – maybe twice a year.  We shared some fantastic times in years gone by and it’s always good to sit with him and catch up.  I like to think we share some similar motivations when it comes to work, and some of the talk is all high-school coed gossip-central but… I knew that when I paid the admission.  I came for it, in fact.  Why dodge?  While it’s good to remember the old days, it’s even better to gnaw on the now; compare notes, talk shop.  If you’re a soap-opera kind of guy you can get swept away in the politics of it all.  Big companies are all politics and the sawmill is a big company.

More than wanting to write about that, though, I wanted to just write.  I missed writing whilst on the big RV trip and want to get back to it even if it’s a strange not-so-complete sentence thing ala tonight.  I don’t care because what’s important to me is the writing itself.  Even if it’s just a stray thought that’s captured perfectly in two sentences; I don’t know why I sometimes impose a stupid “album-length” mandate on writing anyway… it’s stupid.  A good sentence, a good paragraph, needs to be written.

Bah, it’s obviously time to sleep.  This has gone on too long.  Fun tonight.  See ya.

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  1. Speaking of wanting to write… Its July. Dave, that’s one month past the middle of the year. And I know you were listening to some good tunes during your trek. To put it plainly, my mp3 player is looking for some “best of 2011 – halfway” goodness. Pretty please?

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