but it’ll do

Tomorrow morning early it’s off to Oregon.  It’s not a cross-country trip with my family.  No, not yet; but it’ll do.

We’ll be posted up on the beach, a gaggle of managers (I don’t know what the right term is for a group of us).  I catch the plane at 5:30am.  On the drive over to the Oregon coast I hope to stop at this former logging camp place that’s now a killer breakfast spot.  Have some eggs and bacon and coffee and enjoy the smaller parts of conversation.

Once we get to the hotel I can maybe put a little piece of the past week behind me.  Take the three days to conference and network and wine-taste and come back to things which have progressed a bit.  I’m brining some cigars and I like to think we might be close enough to the beach that I might walk along the strand in the Oregon mist and smoke one.  One day at a time anyway, right?

I expect another slow week for writing, but I’ll try.


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