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Good evening folks.

An incredibly productive day at work gave way to some work in the evening hours at home.  Sometimes when you get on a roll you just get too zoned to stop and things just carry into the evening hours.  Maybe this makes up for how much I’ve been away from things lately, by choice or not.

I need something quick and dirty to write about.  Ideas?  The stink in Sharaun’s car is still there.  Writing is still hard.  I haven’t finished the halfway-mark best-of 2010 entry yet, and Sharaun is still successfully incubating Cohen.

Oh wait, I have one…

Last week I ditched my beloved iPhone and bought an HTC Evo 4G, an Android OS based device.  Here are some things I miss about the iPhone:

  • Doing things in Android can be slow, jerky, or jumpy – even with the Evo’s horsepower.  The iPhone OS is so smooth.  All screen transitions and animations are slick and pretty.
  • The iPhone could do simultaneous voice and data over 3G (technically this is an AT&T vs. Sprint network limitation).
  • The iPhone’s Safari browser was better than any of the many browsers available on Android.
  • The iPhone’s default sounds, while extremely limited, were actually decent.  Every default sound on the Evo is terrible.  Yes, every one.
  • The iPhone did a good job at being intuitive.  If you wanted to do something, chances are Apple considered you might want to do that something and made a quick way for you to do it.  Android is much less intuitive.
  • The keyboard.  This may just take getting used to Android, but I can’t for the life of me stop typing periods when I want spaces.

Here are some things I really like about the Evo:

  • I can view Flash content on the web.
  • I can drag and drop files right onto the thing rather than being tied to iTunes.
  • Everything is customizable; everything.
  • I can do multiple things at once, like stream music from home while surfing the web.
  • It has Nintendo and Super Nintendo emulators and I can install illegal ROMs and play 8-bit Zelda on the crapper.
  • The 8MP camera takes pretty nice pictures, at least with decent lighting
  • The monthly cost, which is a good bit cheaper than the iPhone and comes with truly unlimited data.


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