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Last month I downloaded the entire run of The Brady Bunch and loaded them up on the hacked Apple TV.  I did this primarily out of nostalgia, as I used to love the show when I was younger and I’ve been on an acquisition streak.  I’ve nabbed the complete Gilligan’s Island and the classic episodes of The Honeymooners and a bunch of other stuff.  And, when I fire up these vintage shows to relive some bits of my youth (or my mom’s or grandmother’s youth, depending), who do you think is right there alongside me?  Oh yeah, Ms. Keaton.  She’s such a fan of this new non-animated medium, in fact, that she can already sing the theme songs to Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch.  I actually enjoy watching these “classics” with her.

I mean, as sappy as The Brady Bunch is each show does have some sort of “lesson” attached: sharing, equality, the value of money, etc.  Although it sometimes takes some explaining to get the point across… for instance, in the episode where the Bradys get a payphone installed to teach the kids a lesson both the old rotary phones and the concept of a “payphone” in and of itself are completely foreign to her.  As far as Keaton knows, telephones fit in your pocket or purse and don’t have wires or require dimes or quarters.  Talk about feeling odd, try explaining that, “In the old days, phones had cords that went into the wall and some of them needed money to work.”  I suppose it’s good that she enjoys these shows, honestly I’d have her watching this stuff over most anything on television today.

And besides, there’s almost nothing at all on any episode of Leave It To Beaver or The Andy Griffith Show I’d not mind her seeing.  Big deal if she goes into kindergarten as some sort living anachronism, right?


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