working? working.

Conference room?Monday from the Pacific Northwest; greetings.

Even though I traveled all these miles to work here in Oregon, we left Saturday so we could spend the weekend with my family.  And, since the work event I came here to participate in is two all-day sessions Tuesday and Wednesday, when it came to going into the office Monday morning… I opted instead to work from my folks’ kitchen table.  So, odd as it seems, I crossed state lines to telecommute.  Not bad.

As a Springtime telecommuting perk, I took my afternoon meeting while laying in the green grass at the park downtown.  Keaton was playing in the fountains and on the swings and I was reclined lookin’ nerdy with my headset and cellphone talking about electrons and alpha particles and current densities and inductance.  Sure, I looked like a tool, but it was actually a really nice experience.  I was able to get some appreciation for just how cool the non-constraints of my job are.

I mean, I’ve always known I have a “flexible” job – being that the bulk of the work I do is less tied to one physical location and more tied to being “connected” via phone, e-mail and instant-messaging.  So, really, were it not for the goodness I derive from being at the building – the job is relatively decoupled from my three-and-a-half gray fabric cubicle walls.  Me, though, I tend to be a lot more productive when I’m actually at work… so I don’t take advantage of telecommuting as much as some might. On days like today though, it was a pretty sweet bonus feature of my employ at the sawmill.

Tomorrow begins the first day of the all-day two-day meeting I traveled here for.  Located at a hotel instead of at the Oregon sawmill, it’ll be the familiar cast of characters gathered together to make decisions.  I enjoy meetings like this a lot, when there’s plenty of time for academic pursuits in attempt to figure out the best options and you have the chance to meet people in person you may have worked with for years upon years.  Plus, I feel more important when people ask my opinion on things (and I actually have one).  So… that’s good too.

OK, I’m outta here.

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