not just for the clouds

Management.Was a gloomy day over nearer the coast, and not just for the clouds.

Paid a visit to the Bay area today, all about getting some business done. It really is a shame about that whole business and pleasure not mixing thing, sure could make working less of a chore at times. But, the sawmill has been good to me, so I’ll continue to give it my time and effort in hopes of some small convalescence. And, while it makes for good writing (or reading, I’m never sure quite how to put that) to talk about work like it’s awful and painful – it’s not really. It’s a good job and I enjoy it almost all the time. But, do me a favor and pretend you didn’t read that the next time I prattle on about the sawmill as if it were Abu Ghraib, OK? Thanks.

I was actually fairly unmotivated today. I sat alone in a crowded café and worked from the laptop with a cup of coffee and my headphones on. I bought these particular headphones because they are the full sized over-ear kind yet they are foldable like an Autobot and can be packed easily into my laptop bag. The only issue I have with them is that they have this fake graffiti all over them, like the flowing spraycan script gangs use in the subway. Tell you what, sitting alone all dressed up manager style with your laptop, a coffee, and these ridiculously childish-looking headphones on makes a guy a bit self conscious. I powered through though, so don’t pity me.

And, if I’m being honest, I wasted a few minutes watching a Youtube video of the resort we’re staying at next week in Aruba. Maybe hoping seeing the place through the lens of a fellow tourist could transport my mind there for a while. It worked fairly well, I have to say. I could almost picture Keaton and I floating lazily down the lazy river, digging and building in the sand, and splashing around in the pool.  Like I told my Mom today in an e-mail: If they called and told me I could go tomorrow I’d be on a plane.

I’ve decided I’m going in to get me a wax-job on Thursday.  I’ve also convinced Sharaun to come along and take some before and after photos.  And, since the wax lady seems really cool, maybe even some action shots to really make the story come alive.  Some readers seem to think I’m gonna cry like a little girl, but I have faith in my strength.  One way or another, I’m going through with it – so I’ll be as objective as possible when I rank the pain.  Should be fun.  Or not.

Until sometime later this week, from the precipice of our vacation, goodnight.

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