keaton: does not like moustaches

Over the limit.Hmmph.

I spent so much of the day yesterday thinking it was Friday.  I couldn’t shake the notion.  Kept wondering what Sharaun and I were up to that evening.  Turns out she was up to going to some craft fair and I was up to going to the gym with Keaton.  Making matters worse, I’m expected to report to the sawmill tomorrow; on a Saturday, no less.  Flippin’ slavedrivers.

9am meeting ran long today, didn’t get out until a quarter to one.  OK so that was only 45min past-time, but that junk be cuttin’ into my lunch, dig?  Yeah so me and some buddies grabbed a late one at the Mongolian Grill.  You ever been to a Mongolian grill?  Not exactly diet food (good thing I’m not exactly on a diet), but you get to pile an empty bowl high with foodstuffs, pour various sauces on it, and they grill it up for you.  Was tasty.

Wednesday night our regular church-ish thing got canned so we joined our friends in a social Lost-watching event (television: campfire for modern Neanderthals).  At some point during the evening, Keaton, who was watching Peter Pan in the adjoining room, wandered into our area and took a commanding position in the center of the floor rug.  She puffed up, waved her arms to ensure she had our attention, and proceeded to proclaim:  “I don’t like moustaches.”  Then she laughed a little.  Me, I laughed a lot.  Such a random thing to promulgate; such a random little girl.  The room had a good chuckle though, and she eventually went back to Peter Pan, seemingly pleased with herself.

Nite, happy weekending.

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