help get that Lupus all out peoples’ junk

Not Lupus.No real blog today.

I’m listening to the new Grizzly Bear, yeah it leaked.  The press is abuzz, calls for “album of the year” abound, a battle royale: Veckatimest in the blue trunks, Merriweather Post Pavilion in red.  Sure I’ve got it, I got it within hours of when it pre’d – I am that awesome, an IV into my mainline pumping leaks.  I don’t know though guys… sometimes Grizzly Bear sounds boring to me.  Slow, sleepy, boring.  I will grant you that the first half of the album is rather peppy… but so far the second “side” seems to have some sleepers…  I’ll give it more time, see what happens.

Did you guys know I have a dear friend who has Lupus?  I do.  Do you know what Lupus is?  (Hint: It’s not a werewolf… pretty sure).  Anyway, she appealed through her blog and I felt the cause worthy, so I’m linking here and hopefully sending you there to help get that Lupus all out peoples’ junk.  I think I missed the “official” day, but I asked and Sheila said better late than never.  Look, nobody has much love for debilitating, incurable diseases, right?  So go check it out, OK?  (Hey Sheila, it’s not a werewolf… right?)

What?  Midnight already?  Time to go to work again?  Is this not over for the week yet?  Man who threw me into this timewarp?  Goodnight.

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