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Bully!Thursday.  Trash is out at the curb and I’m just poking around the internet.  Here goes.

A true-life conversation betwixt my daughter and I, circa a week or so ago:

Enter Dave, father to almost-three-year-old Keaton, fresh out of work and walking through the door.  Keaton looks up from her playing and runs to greet him with a hug.

Dave:  “Hi Keaton!  How are you?”

Keaton: “Good!”

Dave: “How was your day?”

Keaton: “Good.  I played.”

Dave: “You played?  Wow!  That sounds fun!  Did you go to the kids club at the gym?”

Keaton: “Yeah I did!”

Dave: “Did you play with the other kids?”

Keaton: “Yeah, I did…. but… they were mean!”

Dave: “They were mean?!  What did they do?”

Keaton: “Umm… I took their toys!”

Dave: “You took their toys?”

Keaton: “Yeah!”

Dave: “Sounds like they were sad, and you were mean!”

Keaton: “No.  They were mean.”

Dave: “Yeah… wonder why….”

Ha!  Goodnight.

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