Sunday night in Oregon – state to state to state. Tomorrow is the Monday of my last week of work, y’all. Thinking about it being this close, it’s kind of like that sensation you felt back in middle school when summer vacation was only a week away (have I really not used that comparison yet?). I’m a little shocked that it came so quickly, but I honestly can’t wait. Nine weeks off… I only hope I can drag myself back to the sawmill when it’s all over. I also hope that some time off during the day to be bored and think will improve my dismal blogging beat-rate of late. I think it will. A short one tonight, as I’m woefully behind on sleep and can barely keep my chin from my chest.

Last week when we touched down in Austin, it was already near 10pm local time but neither of us had eaten anything for dinner. We struck out from the hotel in search for a late meal and ended up at a local Texas steakhouse. The place was already locking the doors, but kindly offered to serve us the last meal of the evening. We had the whole bar area to ourselves, and before long struck a conversation with the young blonde bartender. Soon enough, the conversation turned to what we could do the following night after our customer meeting, when we knew we’d likely need to nurse our wounds at the teat of some local Austin music and libations.

“Well, there’s the ‘Midnight Rodeo,’ she said.” “That sounds interesting,” we reply, awaiting more details. “Oh, but…” she begins, “… I think it might be college night tomorrow night. But… I think they let in all ages.” We looked at each other, defeated. Suddenly, we were “all ages.” She didn’t even realize what she said could’ve made us feel old, it was hilarious. As we walked from the building, we both proclaimed that we could very well “be in college,” and asked what she knew anyway. Sigh… aging.

T-minus five days and counting folks…


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