drawers: day two

Man, I think I may have stolen this graphic for an entry before… it’s getting hard to find original internet imagery to misappropriate for my own use these days.

Alive and well in Houston. Once again, I took pride in the fact that I was able to pack everything I need for the overnight trip into my modest laptop bag. Last time I did it, it worked out splendidly – I had a compact, low-profile overnight bag and nothing to check for the flight. This time, however, I totally fouled it up. I forgot a clean pair of boxers, forgot toothpaste, and forgot the baby powder for… for what I use baby powder for. On top of that, I brought only one undershirt (I actually planned that, though, re-wearing t-shirts is totally cool to me). So, tomorrow I’ll be sporting day-old boxers, water-brushed teeth, and swampy… bits. I’m obviously still perfecting the art of light-footprint travel.

Wrote this this morning in the aeropuerta:

Tuesday morning in the airport, one company-sponsored bloody mary in the black and well-fed to boot. Arrived with time to spare even after making a quick pitstop at the sawmill before heading to the airport. I was thinking, while walking from my car to the terminal, about how often I fly. I’m no million-miler or anything, but I do fly a decent amount. I was trying figure out how often I fly each year, and guessed about 10-15 roundtrips as a rough number. If I really wanted to check, I think I could actually grep through the old blog entries and count it up, but, that would be about as pointless as devoting a paragraph to the subject.

Wrote this tonight in the hotel room:

I made beans the other night for meal cooked primarily by me (barbecue, of course) and served to some guests. As part of the preparation, I cut up an onion. It’s amazing how pungent onions can be. Every time I cut one, it seems like I can smell it on my hands for days. On the plane, I figured out that if I hold my hand in a loose fist and exhale warm air into the semi-clenched center, it really brings out the onion. Oh boy… I’ve said too much.


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