hey! what’s up wednesday?!

Hey! What’s up Wednesday?! Haven’t seen you around here in, like… a week or something. Where ya been?

I ran out of deodorant yesterday, and forgot to pick some up when I was at the local box store. So, this morning I borrowed some of Sharaun’s. It comes in a white stick, with little powder blue and pink flora delicately intertwined around it’s intricately scripted branding. I uncapped it, brought it close to take a sniff, and, subconsciously nodding in approval, gave my pits a couple swipes and was off. Throughout the day, however, every time I lifted my arms above my head I’d smell an emasculating mixture French lavender and vanilla chai. So, I decided to walk around with my arms held tight to my flabby sides, lest others be drawn to my lilting feminine scent. I do, however, kinda want to make out with my own armpits.

Friday evening, Sharaun and I leave for Oregon again (you can actually see it if you look hard enough at 4pm Friday on my calendar). We’re spending the weekend through Tuesday with my folks, and I’ll work from the local chapter of the ol’ sawmill while I’m there. I know my mom is excited to see Keaton, and I’m glad that my particular sawmill has a convenient location there which affords us the opportunity to do these tag-teamed work/play visits.

Today was a busy day… in fact, this week is a busy week. Seriously for real, I mean, check out this blurry, shrunk-up screencap of my Outlook calendar. Each of those little boxes is a meeting.

Now, you may ask, “But Dave, when do you actually have time to do work?”

Yes, you may ask.

On a semi-random note, Sharaun and I have become somewhat obsessed with Maygsters’ new photoblog. In fact, Sharaun has been plotting a way to get Maygsters to take some pictures of Keaton for her. She’s, of course, unsatisfied that the $300 point-‘n’-shoot digital we have doesn’t take “as good of” pictures as she seems to get (as good as?). Yeah, really? I try to tell her that the reason some cameras are $10,000 versus the ones that are $300 is that there’s a difference in the quality of images they can make. Well, kinda like how I feel about boats – I’m of the mind that it’s actually better to have friends with expensive cameras than it is to buy and learn to use them yourself. Maygsters, you work for food?


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3 Replies to “hey! what’s up wednesday?!”

  1. Awwwwww…you make me blush!! I’d be more than happy to take pictures for you…all you had to do was ask! We’ll set up a date after I get my new camera (that I wish cost $10,000).

    Will work for burritos.

  2. Yeah, the $10k was just another one of my exaggerations… used innocently as a literary device. Similar to the fact that Sharaun’s deodorant was not French lavender and vanilla chai.

    I trade cheap lies for chuckles…

    But, you all knew that 🙂

  3. Dude, I’ve had that same exact experience with the deodorant! I couldn’t stop laughing at that one… I thought I was the only one that tried to keep his arms down. 🙂

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