the fort knox of berries

Is it really Thursday already? That’s awesome. Work this week has been up and down, but mostly by virtue of my masochistic slack/work/slack/work cycle – which is self-inflicted, so a guy can’t really complain. But, I’m glad it’s Thursday – because that’s almost Friday and we actually don’t have that much booked this weekend, only one mandatory engagement… and that means a lot of time to mow the lawn and whatnot. Moving on.

The other day, I noticed that I had two red-red strawberries on the vine, both large and nearly ripe. What’s more, the birds hadn’t got to them yet – they were pristine. I tried my best to tuck them under a particularly leafy part of the plant to try and hide them from keen avian eyes – but those bastards must be able to smell the perfectly ripened fruit or something. When I got home, a bird had yanked and tugged the berry as close to my mesh coverings as possible, and had pecked a large hole in the thing.

Frustrated, I yanked the ripe fruit off and took it inside. I carefully cut around the bird-eaten bits, washed it – and enjoyed the very first edible item from my very first garden. And it was good, sweet and yummy. Now, with the sweetness of my toils still fresh in my mouth, my anger at the berry-thieving birds was running high. So, I went gathered together some material and set to work. Fifteen or so minutes later, I had this built:

An impenetrable strawberry fortress, the Fort Knox of berries. Extending a full eight inches above the berry bushes, and enclosing them all the way to the dirt, I’m hoping this will finally stop my pesky winged enemies. I’ll report back here if my “surge” strategy pays off.


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