life gets in the way

Took a hiatus from writing last week, work was busy and I was occupied in the evenings. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging, I guess. Actually, I have nothing to write tonight, and am just not in the mood – but I had some crap stuff that I forgot to delete last week I figured I’d use to fill the space. This weekend I spent a lot of time vacating multiple pieces of hardware from our “computer room” and consolidating them into a brand new single computer which now lives in the built-in niche in our kitchen. I didn’t like the built-in niche when we bought the house, figured it too small for a proper computer desk (it is, really), but now I like it. Sharaun likes it too, since she can be out here with Keaton. Anyway, now we can turn that room into a real guest room.

People, please, please stop calling me asking how to install the pirated software you downloaded from BitTorrent. If you have no idea how to unRAR or unZIP a file, if you can’t comprehend having to burn a .bin/.cue file to a CD before using or (or God forbid using a virtual drive to read the ISO), or if you have no idea how to navigate a folder tree in Windows or understand where the hell something you just downloaded or extracted went on your drive – pirating software isn’t for you. If you can’t understand the concept of a keygen, don’t know what a readme is, or have know idea how to run a patch in the root directory – give up and pay the damn $30 to do your taxes.

Just because the software is out there for free, and you can call me to walk you through the installation process (something that will take 10x the time it would were I there with you) doesn’t mean you are entitled to use it for free. In fact, if you have no idea what a RAR file is, you have no business trying to bootleg software… so give up. And please, stop calling me and making me ask things like, “Did you unRAR it? Where did you extract it to? What do you mean you don’t know? Go back and do it again, pay attention. No. That’s in your My Documents folder. Where? It’s under your username… what? OK, double-click on My Computer… No, you’re gonna need to patch that DLL. Just put the file called patch.exe in the directory. What? No, where extracted it. Oh, you don’t see extensions, and you have to show hidden/protected files. Go to Properties…” Ugh!

Keaton seems to be getting over her double ear infections quite nicely, with the help of some foul-smelling medicine we have to keep in the fridge. Her eyes have stopped gooping and her nose is less runny (she’s still got a nasty cough, though). Lately, I’ve been noticing her “getting older.” The way she plays with me, the little things she does when she’s wrapped up in her own world, she just acts older or something – more like a little kid than a little baby. She’s going too fast.


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