so little rain

Damn, the new auto-save feature of WordPress 2.1 screwed me. I had this entry open on two computers, wrote a bunch on one, which was subsequently erased by the auto-save of the still-open entry on the other PC. Anyway, it’s Sunday and I’m feeling sick – the same congestion crap I’ve been dealing with for a couple weeks at least now. The TheraFlu seems to be working now though, thankfully. I felt so bad earlier today, I considered not going into work tomorrow, but then I figured that may have been a little premature.

We’ve had so little rain thus far this winter. I miss a good rainy week. Usually, the rains start around Halloween, I know this because they’ve often hampered my don’t-wanna-grow-up decoration efforts. The usually stick around, making the colder months here somewhat expectant of gray skies and showers. This year, though, we’ve had so little. Maybe it rained while we were in Florida for Christmas, I don’t know – but I kinda wish it would rain a little now. I mean, I had to turn on my sprinklers, something I’ve never done in winter since being here, because my lawn was looking a little bit too much to the “dead” side of it’s winter hibernation browning. But, I do love the sun, and something about a chilly day that’s sunny makes me want to use adjectives like “crisp” and “bracing.” Those adjectives, right? If it’s not going to rain, I wish someone would let me know – I mean, I could pull the hammock out and take a nap in the “crisp” sunshine… or something similarly literary.

There’s a little pile of tiny dead ants on the floor in our guest bathroom, there’s another pile in the shower, on the edge of the tub. I killed them, sprayed them with death-spray – you can buy it at Wal Mart. Anyway, the pile of long-dead ants is a like a lesion, an outward sign of the terrible state of our house right now. Ant lay in waste on the bathroom floor, clothes litter the bedroom, the scraps and drips of past lunches mark the floor below Keaton’s highchair. We gotta get our act together, we gotta clean this place up. I go onto Sharaun the other day, gave her the same old, “You have to change this, Keaton’s going to learn by what you do, and then I’ll have to pickup after two slobs.” You’d think that was a paraphrase and that I might’ve applied a bit more tact in reality, but no, it’s relatively faithful to the dialog. Anyway, I have to do my part too – but starting from less-than-spotless, it’s hard to strive to maintain spotless. If things could just stay clean, I’m convinced Sharaun could learn to maintain. But, alas, there’s a pile of dead ants on the bathroom floor and I’m here typing.

Man, the Fratellis sure are blowing up lately. Looks like the advertising firms must read my blog, 9th place on my list apparently gets you Safeway and an iTunes ad. Get the album though, you’ll love it. Oh, and man, how on Earth did the Band of Horses album not make my Top 10 for 2006?! I call fraud, who made that damn list?

Hey, it’s clouding over, maybe it’ll rain.

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