so, i’m set

Didn’t write yesterday, my normally allotted time was spent supping and drinking with customers. It was good though, lots of that “schmoozing” stuff that business is all about. Work blows. Buuuut, after work there’s home (or, to the overworked, “not work”), and, at home, it’s awesome. I get a few hours to play with my daughter. Tonight, I played with her on the couch – she likes to climb on me and I like to let her.

Speaking of Keaton, it’s been quite a while since I updated her pictures. This not because I’m lazy, I mean, I am, but it’s more because our camera finally completely gave up the ghost. So, Monday I ordered an SD700 IS, and we hope to be flush with pictures again in short order. Look for them. I was a little bummed that the camera came with a puny SD card, but then perked up when I read it could support MMC. A while back, I bought a 1GB MMC card for my cellphone, and I’ve since upgraded phones. So, I’m set. I just wonder if MMC is slower or otherwise suckier than SD somehow.

Sharaun’s got me watching American Idol again. And, once again, I find myself positively confounded by some of the “stinkers” they trot out on these first-pass episodes. I love watching these peoples’ hearts break. Sadistic as it is, I get a warm happy feeling inside when I realize that the person who’s up there singing so badly I think they must just be taking a piss is really and truly giving their all and firmly believe they are God’s gift to singing. To see that moment when it begins to sink in, that the gift they believe they are endowed with is no gift at all. It’s doubly enjoyable if the one taking the berating refuses to believe they are terrible, and decides to continue to live deluded. Seriously, I sit there and pretend not to watch (gotta maintain my “cred” with the wife), all the while rooting for these saps to bust out in tears. I honestly have a hard time believing these people aren’t acting, because they seem so utterly disconnected with reality. I wrote a good paragraph about it three years ago, check it out.

Sharaun’s been off planning Keaton’s first birthday, you’d think it was a coronation. We’ve got invitations, grandparents making the trip into town, and even a theme. I wonder what my first birthday was like? I’ll wager I didn’t napkins that matched the plates that matched the bibs that matched the invitations, I’ll wager there weren’t invitations at all, in fact. Kids are a great excuse to indulge, to join the consumers for the good of the economy. One day though, we’ll be able to show her pictures that prove how much we love her, monetarily, even.

Before I go, I thought I’d pass along this list of “gay bands” which Christians should watch out for. My favorite part is down near the bottom:

In Our effort to keep this list up to date we’d appreciate your help. If you know of a band that is Gay or propagating a Gay message please email us so we can update.

Hahaha! If I know of a band that is gay?! Wait.. John Mayer is gay?! Goodnight.

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  1. Well, you lose that bet – the one about not having everything matching for your first birthday! We did a “Disney” Theme with a Mickey Mouse Cake and everything matched. So, pay up! By the way, what’s the theme – just so I know ahead of time??

  2. Wilson Phillips is gay?!? the list actually says “Elton John (really gay)” LOL! WTF! Bigotry is so accessible through the internets.

  3. Sorry mom, can’t ruin the surprise of the theme in such a public forum – we can communicate in code later. Disney theme, eh? I must say, t’weren’t very memorable 😉

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