took a couple days off

Took a couple days off last week, had a couple evenings too packed with post-5pm work residuals and, more importantly, supping with friends. Lately I’ve been valuing our friends a lot, I think it has something to do with the ease at which our whole transition from childless-to-parents went with the clique. I love the little things about having a solid group of friends: hearing the unlocked front door open and wondering who’s coming in, the comfort in being able to speak casually, passing Keaton around the room, and, of course, sharing food and drink. The communal meal seem to me like something that’s been at the heart of human interaction from the beginning of time. Seriously, tho, we’ve got some great friends. Let’s go.

Wasted some time Sunday morning trying to help figure out the latest in internet mystery vogue. I first saw it over at reddit, but apparently it made it’s debut on some Russian website – where a psychiatry professor posted it as a problem for his students to solve. What is it? It’s a painting, one which the professor says contains “sure signs” that the painter has a mental illness. The challenge to the students, and, by proxy, the the internet at-large once the word got out, was to identify the signs and illness. Here’s the original version of the painting, from a Russian webboard – where the comments number into the multiple thousands. Leading theories suggest obsessive-compulsive disorder, agoraphobia, paranoia and depression. Problem is, the professor who posted it said he’d come back with the answers in a few days and has since dropped out of cyberspace. Take a look, thoughts? Anyway, I bet the thing will have been “solved” in the reddit comments by the time this post goes live anyway.

Sunday evening I made the near-final step in my CD-ripping project – tossing all the Beatles CDs I’ve verified as MP3s. It was a very hard thing for me to fill the recycling bin to the top with the fruits of my college obsession with Beatles bootleg collecting. Oh, I saved all my factory-pressed discs, as I have some very rare ones, but I pitched all the CD-R copies of albums (hundreds and hundreds) that I traded for over the course of six or so years. As I dumped the piles of discs into the bin, I saw certain ones go by that I could recall spending hours and hours on: crafting homemade artwork in Photoshop and paying money to print it on the laser color machine at Kinkos, printing and affixing cd label stickers, etc. Hard to throw it all away, but liberating in a sense too…

Updated Keaton’s pictures today, like a good dad. Check ’em out.

Goodnight folks.

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  1. All that post and no mention of the Gators winning the SEC Championship?! Not only that, but then surpassing Pat’s Wolverines (I’m sure he’s pissed about that one) to go to the BCS Championship!!

    I gotta find me some tickets… Glendale is right down the street!

  2. Do you have any ideas on how to get tickets? I was going to try and get student tickets but they are requiring Driver’s License, Student ID, AND a ticket pickup voucher you need to use to pick up your ticket in Glendale. That pretty much foiled my plan!

    Let me know if you find another way to buy tickets. Ebay is a rip… $1,200+ for a nosebleed seat. HA!

    And you are definitely welcome to stay with us if you come by!

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