rainy weather prelude

Monday and it was back to work for me…

These two-ish weeks between Thanksgiving vacation and Christmas vacation are always a bear. A difficult-to-concentrate time bookended by memories of, and lookings-forward to, days spent away from work. In highschool, I recall our guidance counselor counseling against letting “senioritis” creep in during those last months, weeks, and days prior to gradation. And while my near two-week Christmas vacation is hardly as big a respite from the millstone as graduation seemed to be at the time, it sure possesses some of the same Siren-song draw. I sit at work and think about hanging out with friends and family in the uniquely temperate weather of a December in Florida… it’s an affliction.

Sunny California is currently busy making a mockery of its state motto, tossing up a knobby middle finger of cold and rain. Honestly though, I like the winter weather, and am glad for it.

Note: Somehow, this afternoon when I wrote that initial sentence, I had intended it as a segue into the rest of this paragraph where I talk about the fact that I haven’t yet put away all the Halloween decorations. Now, however, having written the intro sentence a few hours ago and coming back now to finish, I have no idea how a prelude about rainy winter weather was supposed to lead to that topic. So, without attempting some fancy link between the two, I’ll go right into the Halloween topic now.

I still haven’t put away all the Halloween decorations. Chiefly among them, the 100lbs+ coffin is still sitting in the garage, impeding our way in and out of the house and forcing me to ease the truck in ever so delicately to avoid crushing it’s presswood walls by pulling in too far. Seeing that thing there every day, still unstored for next season, and remembering back to how much trouble this year’s decorations were – I’m beginning to dread the annual Halloween setup, ending up in the same kind of love/hate relationship I have with Christmas decorations. If I don’t get that coffin lashed up to the rafters soon, I’m going to end up hating it so much that I won’t want to bother repairing and reusing everything for next year.

Read this article with a bit of cautious interest today, hoping my decision doesn’t make my vision all milky someday down the road…


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  1. “If there was serious break-down of law and order, they would probably get shot before the others because they couldn’t see so well” WTF!? Laser eye surgery is serious bidness!! I hope the lions at the waterhole don’t get you DD. What a wack statement!

  2. yeah, that was my favorite part of the article – and i meant to write about it but got too tired. kind of a stupid statement, actually. you could just as well say:

    “if a fiery asteroid was hurtling towards earth, and a person who has had lasik was in charge of the fiery asteroid early warning observatory, the entire populous of the earth might be destroyed without ever getting a chance to get on a spaceship and move to the moon.”

    stupid lasik.

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